• Cache Managers In Django

    There is a quote by Phil Karlton —

    There are only two hard things in computer science; cache invalidation and naming things.

    I can't help you with naming things, but I recently gave a lightning talk at an LA Django meetup that is geared towards making caching (and cache invalidations) in django more systematic and programatic than ever. I'll do a more detailed writeup soon, but for now here is are the slides:

  • Cassandra Summit

    John Watson and I got the chance to attend the first Cassandra summit in San Francisco! We got the chance to meet a ton of other early-adopters, and I learned quite a bit about the Cassandra project and its direction. John and I also gave a talk about our usage of Cassandra at Mahalo - here is a video of that presentation. If you have questions about anything I talk about in the presentation, please feel free to email me or hit me up on twitter!

    Online Slides